Jadas Joe began as a cute little youtube and podcast. I started to talk about coffee, the culture and the beauty industry. I wanted to highlight strong black women from the past, and the present who inspire me. It was only a few months after I launched my podcast, I realized Jadas Joe was going to be something bigger.

I launched Jadas Joe as a beauty line because I wanted to further the conversation around beauty; beginning with textured hair. There’s a beautiful celebration in the natural hair community encouraging us to embrace our natural tresses, but I couldn’t help but notice that the less curlier and more coarse textures weren’t getting celebrated as much as others. I began to notice a preference for looser, curlier textures even within the natural hair community.

As someone who enjoys wearing her natural hair, trying various different protective styles, wigs and weaves were always my top go to of choice. But I realized I was wearing hair that didn't match my 4c texture unless I silk pressed my own. I was wearing wigs and getting lace closures to cover my own hair to protect it, not realizing it needed protecting because I didn’t want to apply heat to it to make it blend. But it wasn’t always like this. I remember when selecting hair based on our texture was something we did before lace wigs with baby hair was all the craze. That’s what I want to go back to. Back to when we put our hair, and texture first even when the protective style of choice was a wig, clip ins, or sew ins.

The media has a way of catering to one particular way of beauty. But we know the best version of beauty is loving yourself. Beauty isn’t meant to change you, it should always reflect and enhance who you are.

Hair was the first skill I developed as a child. I began braiding at the age of 9 after my older sister taught me how to. That later turned into a skill I used still to this day. My professional career is in the nanny industry but it was only a matter of time before I found myself back to my first love. Coffee has a whole new meaning here at jadas joe. We celebrate coffee and the culture.

My hope is that everyone who shops at jada's joe gains a greater appreciation of their own natural beauty. I hope that we get track to selecting hair that blends with our hair, hair that we make match our own, and not the other way around. We’re just getting started here, I hope you stay for a while.